Why use NutriFreez® D10 Cryopreservation Medium?

  • Protective. Formulation designed to minimize dehydration effects.
  • Efficient. Effective maintenance of cell viability, adhesion, and bioactivity.
  • High-quality. cGMP-manufactured and a DMF has been acknowledged by the FDA.
  • Ready-to-use. Complete solution with simple protocols.
  • Universal. Supports a variety of tissue and cell types including sensitive cells types (hESC, iPSC, MSCs, T cells, Vero and animal cells).

Capture your culture of excellence with 
NutriFreez® D10 Cryopreservation Medium

Introducing NutriFreez® D10 Cryopreservation Medium, an optimized freezing solution designed and validated for the cryopreservation of various tissue and cell types. NutriFreez® is serum-free, animal component-free, and cGMP-manufactured, making it suitable for all stages of research, cell banking, and clinical applications. No matter what you’re freezing, the quality afforded you by NutriFreez® will help you capture excellence in your cultures. Contact us today for a free sample.